First of all, I need to tell you that if you are going to take this cat in
and care for him properly, it is going to cost a good deal of $$$$.

I would go to who you think owns him, explain what all is wrong with him and
what will need to be done to fix it, and that you are willing to pay for it
if they are willing to surrender the cat to you - if that's the case.

The heart murmur at this point is of concern to me.  I have a kitty with
heart disease, and she can't have vaccines nor her teeth pulled.

I would have an echo done to determine the cause of the heart murmur.  This
will be $280+.  It could be benign or it could indicate heart disease.  If
he has heart disease he shouldn't have vaccines or his teeth pulled due to
the risks of anasthesia, however the health benefits of being neutered might
outweigh the risks  of being under anasthesia.

If he is able to be vaccinated, I'd wait until the series was done, then
mix, but that's obviously a personal decision.  Outside he is at risk of
being run over by a car,  eaten by a wild animal, God forbid taken by an
animal hater and killed, drinking antifreeze and dying, being shot, etc
etc.  All worse than FELV IMHO.


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