If you're going to call, make sure you do it from work or from your cell
phone.  Alot of people have caller ID these days, and if you call from
home, thay may be able to know who you are just by the name or number...

Kat (Mew Jersey)

On Wed, 10 Oct 2007, Belinda wrote:

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>     Maybe you could call the home you think he belongs to and let them 
> know the shape he's in.  Ask them if they would be willing to let you 
> have him so he can get the medical attention he needs and let them know 
> you have already spent so and so amount to get him checked out and would 
> like to be reimbursed if they want to keep him and get the medical care 
> done.  They may be willing to give him up.  If you can call them with 
> out letting them know who you are all the better that way if they say 
> they aren't going to spend that kind of money it would make it a lot 
> easier to keep him which I personally would.
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