HI Michael

Actually as I look at Junior's bottle of baytril and his his dose is the
same. The tablets are 22.7 mg and he gets half. He has gotten diarrhea with
Baytril, so I would keep an eye out for that. Sounds like Whitey has a good
home with you. If your cat likes yogurt that will work to add back good
bacteria. Junior doesn't care for it.

I remember my cat , Ling Ling, disappeared many years ago after he had a
little skirmish with the wannabe dominant cat of the household. I let him
out as usual to do his business and he never came back. I like to think he
was pissed and someone gave him a good home. The other cat eventually became
my soul kitty he died a little over a year ago. I miss them all.

Bless you for caring for all creatures.


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