Great news!  If Whitey/Blanco (lol) was in such bad shape I wouldn't involve 
the owners either!

  Ok, guys, here's the update for the day. First of all, I am even more 
convinced now, and I stand by my decision to not contact his previous "owners." 
I just can't imagine anything good coming out of it.  This boy is too special 
to have to go back to that mess, and I'm afraid if I did let him go or call 
them,they'd snatch him up and stick him in a cage or something, and I'm just 
not willing to risk that.  He would come to my house for days at a time anyway, 
and they never once looked for him, and they still haven't since he 
"disappeared" two days ago. Because I know for a fact he hasn't been home 
because he's been in my sunroom.  This is a unique situation in that I KNOW he 
didn't just "get away" from his owners and get in this shape.  I've seen him 
for the last two years in the neighborhood, and the last six months he's been 
coming to my house every morning and every night.  This was just blatant 
neglect.  My heart is too heavy to even think of letting him get back in
 that shape again.  I really do have such feelings for these guys.  Someone has 
to be a voice for them.  I used to feel bad about volunteering and putting so 
much energy into animals when there are so many horrible conditions and 
diseases afflicting our fellow human beings, but the last few days I've come to 
an important realization, and that is someone has to look out for our 
companions, too!  There are lots of people who work on human charities and 
advocate for research and development (and I don't think you'll ever see a huge 
difference in modern disease treatment/management until you see a fundamental 
shift in Washington and the drug companies and HMOs lose significant control 
over research and development, but I digress, that's another topic altogther.)  
But animals, who will be their voice?  Someone needs to fight for them, and my 
extreme sensitivity makes me suitable for that.  I swear, I can't even bear the 
thought of killing a mouse.  I have no-kill traps.  This
 may sound corny, but I even avoid squishing bugs if I can.  I'll generally 
scoop them up and take them outside.  I just believe in the inherent sanctity 
of life...all life, regardless of its form, is precious, and should be 

As for King Blanco the Mighty Whitey (lol, I can't decide!  Jeff still says he 
is a "she" and "her" name is Whitey!) and his condition, he's continuing to do 

He pooped last night.  I was so excited. :)

His Baytril dose is half of a 22.7mg tablet daily for 14 days.  No diarrhea or 
other problems yet, but I'll keep an eye out for sure, and I'll look into the 
probiotics.  His eyes/pupils are fine, I'm keeping a close watch on him for the 
dilation concerns mentioned.  His balance seems to be getting a little better, 
but he still has a long way to go.  Jeff set up his "tent" in the sunroom last 
night, and put a heating pad in it.  He's quite cozy.  He's been on it all 
night and day.  I have the webcam set up where I can keep an eye on him from 
work.  I'm gonna include a link to it and post instructions at the bottom for 
anyone who's interested :)  We're expecting the lab results in tomorrow.  I'll 
be sure to let you all know as soon as I hear about them. Oh, and by the way, I 
misunderstood Jeff.  Dr. Dolen has not actually diagnosed Hyperthyroidism, he 
just said it was likely with the thyroid tumor. We should know about that by 
Friday.  We'll also know more about the heart
 murmur. The vet didn't do any vaccinations because he wanted to wait on the 
bloodwork (probably to check for heart disease, as someone here mentioned.)  
Anyway, here's the webcam and instructions if anyone wants to "peek" at Whitey. 
 Look in the "tent" on the right side of the screen, that white dot inside is 
my boy :)  Like I said, it really is a "storage" room right now, so please look 
over and excuse the mess :(  I'm gonna work on getting it cleaned up this 
weekend I hope.

  Camera Internet address:

  Web Browser - You can View Video using Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher.  When 
you click View Video, an "ActiveX"component (OCX file) will need to be 
downloaded and installed on your PC. You will be prompted to install this OCX 
file if this file is not present in your system.  

You'll see one of those yellow bars across the top of the window, right below 
the address bar (or tab bar if you're on internet Explorer 7 that says "Click 
here to Install ActiveX Control...."  You'll need to click on it, and then when 
the other window pops up that asks about installing it, click on the Install 
  Note: The Wireless-B Internet Video Camera supports a maximum of 4 users 
simultaneously. I don't think that will ever be a problem, but if several of 
you get this email at once and it doesn't load, you'll know just try again in a 
few minutes.  I'm gonna close my connection to free it up til I get home. 

Thanks as always for listening to my rambling.  Oh, and for the record, a 
website is still in my plans for the not-too-distant future, so hopefully it 
will be coming eventually.
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