Thank-you for the replies. My cat Sunny had follow-up bloodwork on Tuesday and 
has had modest improvement, which makes me very happy. He was diagnosed with 
feline leukemia just a week before. Neutered, fully vaccinated and before this 
completely healthy. I noticed his gums were pale and he lost a pound or two but 
I didn't think it was anything serious.  I think I'm over the initial shock and 
just focusing on keeping him happy. He's on prednisone and interferon now. 
  I hate being faced with unpredictability. The reason I asked about the 
transfusions was because the only other person I know who has a feline leukemia 
cat has had two years of good health after a transfusion. I'm realizing though 
that although the transfusion probably helped, that particular cat may have 
made it anyways. My Sunny is a shy guy, and before I subject him to the stress, 
I wanted to know if I'm really helping him. 
  My vet said it's hard on their liver and suggested against it at this point. 
I have 4 other cats, who of course have now all been exposed, so I'm learning 
as much as I can and hoping for the best.
  Thank-you for your help.

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