Dear Angela
It's wonderful that Sonny has such a great and caring mom.
I'm coming in late as I've been on vacation, but wanted to add my 2
cents worth----my beloved FeLV Flavia had a transfusion when her PCV
(packed cell volume) count plummeted to 7.5. The transfusion raised the
count to 21, but it plummeted again some days later. Flavia had
non-regenerative anemia and the transfusion simply bought some more
time. I couldn't put her through another transfusion and she was
The good news is that of my original family of 6 rescue kitts, 5 of whom
were FeLV pos, one never contracted the virus even tho she lived with
them, and another threw it off. 
Sending good wishes for a long and happy life for all your furballs!

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Subject: blood transfusion

Thank-you for the replies. My cat Sunny had follow-up bloodwork on
Tuesday and has had modest improvement, which makes me very happy. He
was diagnosed with feline leukemia just a week before. Neutered, fully
vaccinated and before this completely healthy. I noticed his gums were
pale and he lost a pound or two but I didn't think it was anything
serious.  I think I'm over the initial shock and just focusing on
keeping him happy. He's on prednisone and interferon now. 
I hate being faced with unpredictability. The reason I asked about the
transfusions was because the only other person I know who has a feline
leukemia cat has had two years of good health after a transfusion. I'm
realizing though that although the transfusion probably helped, that
particular cat may have made it anyways. My Sunny is a shy guy, and
before I subject him to the stress, I wanted to know if I'm really
helping him. 
My vet said it's hard on their liver and suggested against it at this
point. I have 4 other cats, who of course have now all been exposed, so
I'm learning as much as I can and hoping for the best.
Thank-you for your help.


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