Wow Michael!  The things we do for our kitties!  I am so glad his test was 
negative!  It sounds like you are exstatic!  The only thing I am wondering now 
is if it's too soon to do his vaccines.  Is he feeling really good and not sick 
at all?  I worry about that because the vaccines make some kitties feel bad and 
if Whitey is already under the weather, it might not be a good combo right now. 
 Please keep us posted!!!!

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Sent: Friday, October 19, 2007 1:57:46 PM
Subject: Whitey's Test Results

Whitey's FIP test came in today.  It was NEGATIVE! :)
He's one hell of a tough cat, let me tell ya :)
He's going in next week for a follow up visit to recheck his labs, get his 
FVRCP/FeLV/Rabies vaccines, Neuter, and dental work, if his labs are all ok.  
That poor fella is gonna have a rough week next week, he just doesn't know it 
yet. lol
We almost have his room remodeled.  I'm finishing up the floor today. :)

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