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Wow Michael!  The things we do for our kitties!  I am so glad  his test was 
negative!  It sounds like you are exstatic!  The only  thing I am wondering now 
is if it's too soon to do his vaccines.  Is he  feeling really good and not 
sick at all?  I worry about that because  the vaccines make some kitties feel 
bad and if Whitey is already under the  weather, it might not be a good combo 
right now.  Please keep us  posted!!!!

I've thought about that, Wendy.  Corky Romano said he was going to  check his 
labs first, and then if everything looks ok, proceed with the other  stuff.  
I'm thinking I may ask him to do the dental work, labs and  neutering, and 
wait off for a couple of weeks on the vaccines to make sure he's  up to it.  I 
know my other girls got terribly ill when they had all three  of their vaccines 
at once. The more I've thought about it, the more I think  that may be the 
best course of action.


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