Hi Susan,

I am behind on emails. I hope Autumn is holding her own. My vet never was on
board for interferon, I may use that later on. When Junior was first dx w
felv he ran fevers as high as 106.5. I was told they could be deadly. I
could not euthanize my precious baby as was suggested. I went to my former
vet as he has just hired a new vet as was playing catchup from a backlog of
appts. Anyway I did the immuno regulin protocol with Junior and Tiny(angel)
and it got Junior past the crisis. He has has a few infections since then
but he is now with me a year later, I believe the Immuno regulin is what got
him over the hump.

Best of luck. We used the protocol 1 on the home page for feline


On 10/17/07, Susan Ang <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Autumn is sick again! Despite all of our precautions which include
> Lysol-ing the bottom of our shoes when we  come in from outside. This has
> been a really bad illness for her. She was lethargic Monday afternoon so I
> checked and found one of her glands in her throat swollen. I immediately
> made a vet appointment for the next morning.  The next morning she had
> diarrhea. I took her in and they did a thorough check. She had the highest
> fever she's had yet, 104.8 ,and every lymph gland in her body is swollen.
> She doesn't want to be touched and she's walking like she's stiff and it
> hurts. She has a fighting spirit though and keeps trying to play.She can
> eat soft food, but the only way I can perk her up is with NutriCal and
> Pedialyte.They put her on the Clavamox again and the vet also wants to add
> in another antibiotic when it comes in. I can tell Autumn is having a
> tough time swallowing. I feel so bad for her. It is becoming apparent to me
> that we might not win this fight for her life. There are no holistic vets
> near us.
> ~Susan A.

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