Autumn is sick again! Despite all of our precautions which include Lysol-ing
the bottom of our shoes when we  come in from outside. This has been a
really bad illness for her. She was lethargic Monday afternoon so I  checked
and found one of her glands in her throat swollen. I immediately made a vet
appointment for the next morning.  The next morning she had diarrhea. I took
her in and they did a thorough check. She had the highest fever she's had
yet, 104.8 ,and every lymph gland in her body is swollen. She doesn't want
to be touched and she's walking like she's stiff and it hurts. She has a
fighting spirit though and keeps trying to play.She can eat soft food, but
the only way I can perk her up is with NutriCal and Pedialyte.They put her
on the Clavamox again and the vet also wants to add in another antibiotic
when it comes in. I can tell Autumn is having a tough time swallowing. I
feel so bad for her. It is becoming apparent to me that we might not win
this fight for her life. There are no holistic vets near us.
~Susan A.

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