Does anyone know how long a URI is contagious?  I picked up a B/W approx. 6 mth 
old kitten from the adoption location last Sat. b/c he'd been suffering from a 
URI- mostly affecting the eyes (no sneezing) for 2-3 weeks and it just wasn't 
getting better.  Poor thing had started to rub off the fur around his one eye 
from rubbing at it so much.  I had this same kitten back at labor day for about 
3 weeks when I took in 4 kittens who all had URIs in various degrees of 
severity.  He was the oldest and he got well the fastest after treatment with 
Amoxy and Terramycin.  Well, when he was added to the "condo" at the store to 
be "on display" for adoption, I guess the stress of that shortly thereafter 
brought the eye problems back and he's been suffering off and on since then.  I 
tried to stop by as much as possible to clean and treat his eyes, but it's hard 
b/c the store closes at 6:00.  He is also one of those cats "prone" to tear 
stains regardless of a URI and with the white fur on his face, he looks really 
bad being on display with tear stains and eye funk (he looked sick- which looks 
bad for our no-kill agency), so I decided to take him home and put in him the 
downstairs room and just not mix him at all with my other two fosters Yoda and 
LeeRoy.  Well, I've had him since last Sat. and this time, he's on Clavamox 
(and Terramycin in the eyes) and I'm feeding him tons of wet food (Wellness 
kitten)- they only get dry at the store- and pumping him full of supplements.  
He gets to run around the house when I am home b/c the other foster kittens 
have a big room to romp, so they stay closed in there and away from him  But, I 
know he's lonely and needs some kitty-socialization and he and Yoda may 
remember each other!  He's doing SO MUCH better- it's unreal.  I know it's 
probably mostly because he is having fun, not stressed, eating like a piggy and 
getting love (that probably helps more than the meds...sigh).  So, if he is no 
longer having inflamed red eye tissue and green discharge, is he okay to mingle 
now?  He's not sneezing and he doesn't really have any eye discharge at all, 
besides his regular eye boogers that he is prone to getting.  He does not act 
like a sick cat (runs around like a maniac).  I haven't seen green eye funk 
since the day after I brought him home (Sunday) b/c he improved almost 
instantly.  I just wanted to know if anyone knows if he's been on the 
antibiotic almost a week now, & showing no signs of infection, can he be 
mingled with the other two kittens for play-time, or should I wait longer?
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