oh my. I had Squeaky and Stripes before I had my current tribe. Squeaky was a 
huge gray on gray tiger with peach belly and a tiny little squeaky voice. Their 
prior human named them. I adopted them when they were 8 and 9 years old ~ she 
married someone who had an allergic daughter. Sweet, grateful boys. 
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  AWWWWWWWWW how sweet. I have a cat Lily who reminds me of a Maine Coone. She 
probably doesn't have a drop of maine coon in her. She is beautiful. Her nick 
name is Squeaky because she squeaks instead of meows.


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    Sweet babies. They look like my Coco (tortie) and Winston (red tabby). They 
are precious.
    My TG gift was a stray cat in need  ~ broken back, pelvis and femur. He's 
resting comfortably after surgery on his leg. 
    His name is Rocco (pronounced with long "o"s). He's a red tabby Maine Coon.

  Sally, Eric (not a cat),Junior, Speedy, Grey and White, Ittle Bitty, Little 
Black, Lily, Daisy, Silver, and  Spike  Visit my BB for some pictures post your 
as well.


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