HI all

I tried to see if anyone knew where thay came from. We are quite sure that
the yellow tabby is the brother to a yellow tabby that was droped off about
2 weeks ago. Maybe it was longer I lose track of time. The neighborhood
catsare usually yellow tabby, or calicos/torties. SOme strong genetics here.
We call then the Tiny Clan, because my Tiny and Junior were also from this
neighborhood. The are several male cats that roam. Also a grey and white
male hanging out here as my Pewter is trying to come into heat.

Junior is still on the Clindamycin his breath smells much better. He still
snorts and I am not real sure that it is related. I ordered some more
Lysine. I ran out and wanted to get capsules. I also ordered some weird
immune booster called Promune. I am not sure I will give to him. It looks
basically herbal in nature.

Hope everyone is alright.


On Nov 26, 2007 11:28 AM, <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

>  They are so cute and adorable!
> I know I would have felt the same way too seeing a box like that.
> I think it was someone that knew of you.
> Most likely knew you would help these precious baby kittens.
> It's  a crappy way to present this to you but probably afraid to show you
> who they really were.

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