I have a 6 month old non-felv kitten named Yoda that has had diarrhea pretty 
much off and on ever since I've had him (Labor Day).  Some of you may remember 
me asking you about Yoda's diarrhea back then (at first I thought it was just 
the antibiotic for his URI, but he hasn't been on an antibiotic since the first 
weeks of Sept., so that is out).  The vet ran a fecal back in Oct.- nothing.  
We treated with metro...zole (can't remember the name)-- no difference really.  
And I have treated him with probiotics just for H of it- I used a whole can up 
of the Eagle Pack Holistic Remedy for Diarreah (added to his food)- it seemed 
to make no difference with Yoda, so when it ran out, I stopped using it.  I've 
been adding benebac (sp?) to his wet food at night lately- again, no 
difference.  Don't ask about food and diet changes-- I'm so TIRED of answering 
those friggin questions-- I mean, this isn't my first time up to bat-- I'm not 
an idiot.  I'm tired of the adoption agency people (those that have to 
"approve" Yoda going to the vet) asking me every friggin week about diet 
changes (um, none!) and the vet's office asking the same.  If anyone asks this 
on Sat. at Cat Adoption Day, I'm going to say: "Yeah, I'm trying this new thing 
were I feed Yoda something different for every meal...and tons of table scraps! 
 Why?  Do you think that could be it?!"  
What else?  Oh, I took him back to the vet this Monday so they had the Yoda 
butt to really test for giardia- which I knew it wasn't b/c Yoda is mingled 
with other fosters and personal cats and they would all have it by now and they 
don't, but just in case...They did another fecal-- nothing.  And I know he's 
healthy-- he looks like a little greyhound he's so healthy- he's all muscle and 
lean and just doing wonderful.  He never feels bad, but he'll go in the litter 
box and I will hear these horrible diarrhea, squirty sounds (sorry!) and then 
he just comes out like nothing happened!  But it smells horrible and sometimes 
he can't help but getting it on him and we're all just really tired of it!  The 
Vet said he looked "great"- which I already knew- and his hydration was great, 
his temp was fine, etc.  But I'm not crazy!  He's having this diarrhea!  He had 
a whole puddle of it last night in the litter box!  Sometimes it more "cow 
pie"-like, so that is why I say it comes and goes.  It's obviously not 
sustained diarrhea or else he would have hydration issues, which he doesn't.  
But I really want to solve this problem and I feel like I'm at a loss.  Yoda 
also seems to pass gas a lot- especially when he is nervous- like when we go to 
the cat adoption day-- he kind of "smells" and it's not his fur b/c I kitty wet 
wipe him before each adoption day- it's him sitting there nervously passing gas 
like he has IBS or something?  
I've been feeding Yoda kitten food- the Eagle Pack Holistic Chicken flavor that 
is for "adult cats and kittens" (whatever the H that means?) in the day.  In 
the evening, he gets half a can of the small can of Wellness kitten with 
Brewer's Yeast and Lysine added.  The vet said that kitten food can be "richer" 
and to try switching him to adult cat food- maybe all dry b/c he thinks the 
wet, with the extra moisture can contribute to diarrhea.  He recommended Purina 
(no, I'm not kidding-- my mom and I would have laughed, but we're tired of the 
runny poo, so it's not as funny as it should be), so I kind of think this vet's 
a quack at this point (for this an other reasons) and with all the premium 
brands on the market, why in the world would I feed him Purina?  (plus that 
means I'd have to switch over two other cats who eat with Yoda- one who is 
underweight that I am rehabbing and needs the best of the best brands of food). 
 Has anyone heard anything like this?  Has anyone had any problems with the 
newer premium foods with their cats?  I just wonder if Yoda has a 
gastrointestinal problem like IBS, UC or even Crohns or something-- something 
that isn't life threatening, but still a problem that can be managed by diet.  
I just wonder if the newer premium foods- with the emphasis being on the high 
protein content- maybe that is harder to digest for some cats?  I switched him 
on Monday to adult, regular wellness wet at night and he's now only getting 1/4 
of a can.  I haven't changed the dry food yet b/c I haven't decided what to do 
about that?  We're status quo with the runny poo.  I just don't know what to 
do/try and I'm so frustrated!   
Someone help!
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