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> Please do not assume IBD.  That's basically a default diagnosis when
> nothing else makes sense.
> 1.  How long was he on metronidazole and at what dosage?
> 2.  Has your vet considered tritrichomonas foetus and treatment with
> ronidazole?  (Tritrich is really pretty common.  Until recently however it
> was often mistaken as metronidazole-resistant giardia.  So don't rule it out
> as some rare bug.)
> Parasites are very likely.  Fecal tests have been estimated at around 50%
> accurate.  Sometimes you have to treat the symptoms even when the cause is
> not certain.
I agree.  My Ciara was diagnosed with IBD after a couple of clean fecals and
that's how I got such a bad case of giardia in my house, because it was
really giardia.  Believe me, I know the pain of persistent
diarrhea...*believe me*...

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