Hi Emily,

Your only option is NOT to put him to sleep.

As far as the thinness goes, you can learn to syringe feed him.  Sometimes
they pull through episodes of illness and sometimes not.

I would have the brothers tested - but if they're going to be infected they
likely already have been, since they have been together so long.  Some
people on this list mix + and -, and some don't.  After testing, if they are
negative, I'd definitely get them vaccinated against FELV, though.  Have
they ever been vaccinated against it before?

There are lots of people here who know more about FELV than I do.  I just
wanted you to know someone's out here listening, someone cares, and you
aren't alone.

This is a great list, welcome.

On Dec 20, 2007 10:17 AM, <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Hi there
> My name is Emily and I have three cats, Moses (Felv +) Jeremiah and Samson
> (status yet unknown).
> I just found out that Moses is + and he's quite sick. the doctor put him
> on prednesone and doxycline...
> He's not eating and he's quite thin.
> The dr wants to put him to sleep. Is this really my only option? Also - if
> i bring him home to be with his brothers... will he infect them? Should i
> have them tested?
> I'm so sad.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated...
> THank you thank you thank you...
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