Get "Nutrical"- either from your vet, or a lot of pet stores have it- just ask 
them for it.  It's a high calorie supplement for cats.  You need to be giving 
this to him.  If he likes it enough, he may just lick it off your fingers.  
Most cats do like the taste of it.  But to get the maximum amount into him, mix 
it into wet food really good.  Also, start feeding him "kitten" wet food- 
"Wellness" brand kitten is really really good.  Kitten food is richer, so it 
may stimulate his appetite more and he'll be very happy getting it!  Most 
important, kitten food is high calorie, whereas adult cat food is not.  He 
needs all the calories he can get right now.  
For a cat that is struggling weight-wise, the recommended amount of Nutrical is 
a tablespoon a day.  If you can get just 1 tablespoon in him by mixing into wet 
food and/or by him licking it directly off your fingers, that alone (even 
without him eating food) with stave off "fatty liver disease"- which can be 
fatal and is the most dangerous thing you face with a cat not 
I have a non-felv undernourished 6 mth old kitten (looks 3-4 mths though) that 
I am nursing back to health- he gets a whole tablespoon of Nutrical added to 
1/2 a small can of Wellness kitten food at night.  He's improved markedly- the 
nutrical helps a lot.   
Others can address your other questions.  Best thing to do is scan the archives 
for subject lines and read those threads.  All you questions have been 
addressed in previous posts and you will find these helpful.

Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2007 10:27:23 -0600From: [EMAIL PROTECTED]: [EMAIL 
PROTECTED]: Re: New to the list
Hi Emily,
Your only option is NOT to put him to sleep.  
As far as the thinness goes, you can learn to syringe feed him.  Sometimes they 
pull through episodes of illness and sometimes not.
I would have the brothers tested - but if they're going to be infected they 
likely already have been, since they have been together so long.  Some people 
on this list mix + and -, and some don't.  After testing, if they are negative, 
I'd definitely get them vaccinated against FELV, though.  Have they ever been 
vaccinated against it before? 
There are lots of people here who know more about FELV than I do.  I just 
wanted you to know someone's out here listening, someone cares, and you aren't 
This is a great list, welcome.
On Dec 20, 2007 10:17 AM, <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Hi there 

My name is Emily and I have three cats, Moses (Felv +) Jeremiah and Samson 
(status yet unknown).

I just found out that Moses is + and he's quite sick. the doctor put him on 
prednesone and doxycline... 

He's not eating and he's quite thin.

The dr wants to put him to sleep. Is this really my only option? Also - if i 
bring him home to be with his brothers... will he infect them? Should i have 
them tested? 

I'm so sad. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated... 

THank you thank you thank you... 

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