Hi, Emily --
I'm sorry Moses is so sick.  As you can see, you're already getting lots
of good ideas on how to treat him.  One important thing is, is your vet
is willing to work with you to help Moses get better?  I hope the fact
that he's given you drugs for him is a good sign in that regard.  The
question is, did the vet suggest putting him to sleep based on his
actual condition (i.e. does Moses seem to have lymphoma, severe anemia,
etc.) or just on the widely held but erroneous opinion that FeLV is an
automatic death sentence?  You should ask your vet if he's willing to
help you on this -- if he's not, maybe you should go vet-shopping.
Unfortunately, once kitties are in crisis, it can be hard to save them,
but if it's a case of them being undernourished or generally sickly
rather than being in the grip of some actual ugly disease, often good
care and good food can bring them out of it.  
You've come to a good place for help.  Sending vibes that Moses gains
weight and feels better!
Diane R.


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Hi there 

My name is Emily and I have three cats, Moses (Felv +) Jeremiah and
Samson (status yet unknown).

I just found out that Moses is + and he's quite sick. the doctor put him
on prednesone and doxycline... 

He's not eating and he's quite thin.

The dr wants to put him to sleep. Is this really my only option? Also -
if i bring him home to be with his brothers... will he infect them?
Should i have them tested? 

I'm so sad. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated... 

THank you thank you thank you... 


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