I'm so sorry, Michelle.

          Buddy has gone to rainbow bridge to collect her angel wings tonight. 
She is on her bed at the moment looking peaceful and I will take her to the pet 
crematorium tomorrow then bring her ashes home. Infection overwhelmed her and 
wouldn't respond to antibiotics and she got to be in too much pain and started 
to give up - the weekend was a really bad one for her, she collapsed in pain 
when the vet felt her kidneys and stomach today so it's nice to see her looking 
peaceful now - nothing was helping her anymore. I'll miss her pawing my face 
and sticking her face out for kisses - she was such a lovely affectionate girl 
until this got hold of her. Minstrel has had a look at her and gone off upset 
but at least she knows. 
  Michelle, Minstrel, Angel Buddy & Angel Bramble xxx 

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