Can you add my foster kitten Possum (aka "Possee") to the CLS?  He was not an 
FELV cat, but possibly FIP.  
He was a struggling, failing to thrive white w/ grey kitten (who indeed looked 
like a Possum), who had a rough start in life and I took him in to give him TLC 
and see what I could do for him.  Unfortunately, I was unable to get him the 
vet care he needed/deserved due to approval problems with the adoption group he 
belonged to/I volunteered for and I will forever regret that and feel guilty.  
But I know I gave him a wonderful few months that he wouldn't have had if I 
hadn't taken him in: he was kept warm, freed from the pet store condos, got the 
royalest treatment of all my fosters b/c I never made him stay in the condo-he 
had free reign of my two bedrooms, he slept on the bed with me curled in my 
arms or on my chest or shoulder every night and we had love-fest sessions every 
morning, with him purring away, he got the highest quality food and 
supplements, holistic vet treatments, and a little kitty heating pad that 
became his all time favorite thing.  Sadly though, for whatever reason, whether 
it be FIP, a congenital heart defect, or both, his little body couldn't keep up 
with his mind and desire to live and he crashed without warning (besides a 
swollen belly) on me in the early morning hours of Sunday and I rushed him to 
the emergency vet clinic to end his suffering.  He was a wonderfully sweet 
little boy and although he was more an old-man cat then the 7 mo kitten he was 
supposed to be, I loved him for who and what he was and I will miss him dearly, 
especially because he became my sleeper-bud and I haven't had one since Monkee 
left me in July.  
He was my first cat/foster kitten to die since Monkee and that makes it even 
more heartbreaking for me b/c the Monkee loss is still so fresh.  I also wonder 
why they keep crashing on me on Sundays?!  
Thank you,
Caroline K.   
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