Susan & Laurie,
Thanks. I will have to try the Petrodex Malt Flavor. I have the CET seafood 
flavor and I think a poultry flavored one. Bea doesn't like either - she always 
gives me a look like I'm trying to poison her. I tried what the Cornell website 
suggested on teeth brushing, didn't work. 
It's gingivitis. I don't think it's stomatitis, at least the dr never mentioned 
stomatitis. I didn't know about it until I read some posts so I did some 
research and her gums/mouth look nothing like the pictures I've seen on it.
The Clavamox/Prednisone treatment clears it up but usually in a months time 
it'll flare up again. I'm actually going to call in another round of treatment 
but a little nervous about keeping her on antibiotics.
The vet did mention full extraction but only as a last resort and it's not 
something I want to put her though if I can avoid it.
Thanks again.


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I use Petrodex Enzymatic Toothpaste in Malt flavor on Autumn. Autumn loves
it so much that she chased me down when I went to check the brand. I started
her out by letting her lick the paste off the brush and then flipped her
upside down in my lap and used the brush on her. From what I've read, you
only have to worry about the outside of the teeth and the gums so if you can
get the lips apart you can lightly scrub the teeth with the paste. Also the
little brush that comes with the paste is wedge shaped so you can gently
force their teeth apart for quick scrubs in the back.  Another sneaky mommy
trick that I used was to get her to bat at and attack the brush and when she
bit it or opened her mouth I could pop in for a quick cleaning. That doesn't
work as well as it used too - she knows. =^._.^=  They say to brush for
about 30 seconds and to always stop while it's still fun and not too
stressful. I also reward her for good behavior with a couple of hard, tartar
control treats after the brushing for positive re-enforcement. the package
says to do it 3 times a week, but I do it every day so I can have a
cumulative effect and I can cut things short, if she's particularly
uncooperative. Also this was the best way to get her used to the routine.
When I started she had red gums, bad breath,  and seemed to be having a hard
time with hard food, but now her mouth looks very healthy. Good luck!

~Susan A.

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have been out of town so may have missed some discussion.
Does she have gingivits or stomatitis?
We had to give one kitty an antibiotic the first 5 days of each month and that 
controlled her stomatitis, after she had some teeth pulled.
We use the poultry flavored C.E.T. here. They lick it off the tiny brushes I 
There are instructions for how to brush..and starting slowly...
If I can find them, I'll send the link.

(thanks for the EVO coupons, btw).

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  Can I ask flavor/brand toothpaste you are using?
  Bea constantly has a case of inflammed gums. I've had her on 3 different 
courses of Clavamox and Prednisone, that seems to help for a while and then it 
starts up again.
  I've attempted to brush her teeth. She loves to play with the toothbrush I 
got her but the minute I pick it up and walk towards her she starts to stress 
out...and she clamps her mouth shut so tight I can barely pry it open - thus 
causing more stress. I've tried a couple toothpastes but she's just not 
interested in anything to do with me touching her teeth...I'm willing to take 
any suggestions.


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  Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2008 22:53:36 -0600
  From: "Susan Ang" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
  Subject: Brushing Teeth
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  In December, Autumn developed bad breath. I checked her mouth and her gums
  looked inflamed and a few of her teeth were yellowy. After Christmas, we
  went to PetSmart and got her a little red tooth brush and malt flavored
  paste. I expected a bit of a fight, but she loves the flavor and runs to get
  her teeth brushed every night. She doesn't like the brushing so much as
  licking the paste off the brush, but I am able to get some good, light
  scrubbing in. So far: no more bad breath and her gums look healthy. I don't
  know if anyone else had success with this? We also use tartar control
  treats. I don't usually post because I'm a FeLV noob! However, I've learned
  a lot  from this list and thought I'd post this since it worked well for

  ~Susan A.


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