Awesome! That is great news! Congratulations to you and
to Minstrel. 


On Fri, 08 Feb 2008 08:45:04 -0500, [EMAIL PROTECTED] said:
> Just wanted to bring a positive note to you all.
> I took my FeLV girl Minstrel to the vet last week to check her mouth cos
> she was showing dental signs. I'd had her checked at New Year just before
> Buddy (FIV+) passed away and her gums were a little inflammed but not
> severe.?Last Friday she had 3 wobbly teeth and red gums so she'd had root
> infection travel down. The vet said the pathology looked like what any
> cat can get and not specifically just related to FeLV. She had 5 teeth
> out on Tuesday and came home trying to get in the bag of cat biscuits
> bless her - but she is eating well soft food complete with antibiotics
> sprinkled over and some painkiller for couple of days. Anyway, whilst she
> was having pre-op bloods taken I asked them to re-check her FeLV status
> as I know occassionally cats can rid themselves of the virus and I just
> wanted to know either way. The vet phoned this morning whenthe blood
> results came back from the lab and?Minstral?is now FeLV negative :-) I
> didn't know whether to laugh or cry but I think I'll be op
>  ening the champagne tonight. I could now even consider introducing a new
>  cat into the house (would obviously have to be FeLV - though but would
>  mean?Minstrel has company when I'm at work - and helping any cat is
>  better than helping none. Need to book leave from work and consider
>  carefully before that though - but what a nice surprise.
> hugs and good wishes to all your kitties xxx 
> Michelle, Minstrel, Angel Buddy & Angel Bramble 
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