Thanks! We had Isabella tested again yesterday. Awaiting results.
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  Minstrel was in sanctuary with now Angel Buddy (FIV+) when they were first 
tested and from what i gather they were both tested around 6 months of age - 
obviously Buddy was FIV and Minstrel tested positive for FeLV - I assume they 
used the in house SNAP test at that point. From what I gather though FeLV+ 
results are more reliable than  FIV results on the in house test. 

  To be honest I didn't ask what test it was this time but I know they sent it 
away and didn't test in house. The test cost me close to £50 in UK and Minstrel 
is now 4 years old. 

  Michelle, Minstrel, Angel Buddy & Angel Bramble xxx 

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