Dear Lynne

So glad BooBoo is back home safely. And, I'm so glad BooBoo found you
and your husband. These people that had him are not good people. I hope
they're out of your and BooBoo's life now.

When I discovered 4 of my foster kittens had FeLV, I was in shock. I
realized they now had to become my kittens, (they were also feral), as
their adoption chances were so low (nil?). I guess what kept me going
was the fact that these little souls were now at least warm and cared
for (they'd been eking out a dangerous existence in sub-zero temps in
someone's yard) and never had to worry about where to find their next
meal again. That made me feel good. I got back much, much more.

Yes, there were painful times, but knowing I did the best possible job I
could to ensure their quality of life made it worth it. And Mickey threw
off the virus anyway!

Remember what a wonderful home you are giving to little BooBoo. Most
folks want nothing to do with sick and special needs animals. You are
doing something very special in adding BooBoo to your family. He may not
be able to talk but I'll bet he's already letting you know how
appreciative he is. 

I wanted to forward you this email before I leave work that I sent to
someone else a while ago on immuno regulin. I was too late in getting it
to use it for my Flavia, but everything I heard and read, from the folks
here, and in the articles made it seem worth trying. And it wasn't

Good luck! 

hugs to you and BooBoo, Kerry M.


Dear Ken, 
Welcome, though I'm very sorry for the reason you had to find us. You
sound like a very caring person and I'm also sorry you've found a vet
who is unwilling to work with you. (I myself don't know any vets in
Northern Jersey but perhaps others on the list will.)

Here's the name & tel # of the supplier (Revival Animal Health in Iowa)
who fedexed it to 2 clinics for me overnight in July. (Total per 1
package inc shipping was $50---relatively inexpensive,) Both the vets I
used/found were willing to try it even tho they had never used it
before. I had to help one of them figure out the protocol using the info
you'll see here. 

While I haven't yet had time to organise all the following into one
coherent report--it's a number of emails rolled into one--I think it
does contain some very background info including 3 articles..

        Sending lots of healing vibes to your little Max. I highly
recommend you order the IR asap and have it overnighted in the hope
you'll have found an enlightened vet by the time it arrives. I left it
too late.

        Please keep us posted when you have time. You will find this
group a very caring and supportive bunch of people--it's been a godsend
to me and my FeLV cats (it may be a bit slow on the weekend). Wishing
very good luck to you and Max. 

        (I'm in a timecrunch at work so have to sign off now, but fire
away ANY Qs you have and others will jump in.) 
        IR INFO: 
        Revival's tel no is 800 786 4751. (Revival is the supplier I
        While I sadly did not order the Immuno regulin in time to be
able to use it, the Revival people were good to deal with and the IR
arrived at both vet clinics that I had it sent directly to when it was
supposed to (ie overnighted by Fedex). I had never ordered it before and
neither vet had ever used it but they were both very positive about
doing so and liaised with me about the protocol/how much to use---it
comes with directions in any case (although I haven't seen those because
it's at the clinics). 

        At least I now have it on hand should Mickey (or the NJ FeLV
kitty I will be getting soon) need it. 
        Here's also a copy of the relevant excerpts of what I emailed to
Dr Dodin who was going to be administering the IR 
        Dear Dr Dodin 
        Here are the 3 articles that give background on Immunoregulin
for FeLV cats. 
        (It is given by IV.) I placed an order with Revival Animal
Health this morning for 5ml of ImmunoregulinEqstim, and it will be
shipped today, overnighted to Abell, marked for your attention, so
should be there tomorrow (Wednesday). It will come in a "Polar" box, and
will need refrigeration when it arrives. 

        (They said a cat of 8lb is administered between 0.25 and 0.5 ml
each time.) 
        There appear to be 2 possible protocols--4 times in first 2
weeks, then once a week till stabilized, then monthly recommended
thereafter for maintenance; OR once a week. Please let me know what you
think is best for Flavia once you've had a chance to consider. 

        This archived site is also worth looking at--an email from a web
list member, Kyle, who had researched and used IR. 
46.html> . 
        Many thanks again, 
        Kerry M. 


[mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Lynne
Sent: Friday, February 08, 2008 3:13 PM
Subject: BooBoo is home!!

BooBoo just came home from his neutering.  He had no trouble whatsoever
with the anesthesia, has eaten, had a drink and can't stop purring.
He's really happy to be home.  The vet went over his blood work with us
and told us it didn't look good.  He's already anemic.  I was so hoping
for some good news.  He's checking into some drugs for the future if
needed and we choose to go that route.  He said they are very expensive.
This whole experience has sucked the life out of me.  I look at this
precious little guy and he has absolutely no signs of a disease yet I
know he does.  I am so angry with his previous owners right now.  They
emailed me last week when I told them the news and they pretty much
suggested that we gave him this disease because he was always healthy
and happy.  This coming from a family who never took him to a vet.  He
was a mess when we got him, totally matted, fleas and a terrible case of
earmites.  Now he's beautifully groomed, clean and seemingly overjoyed
at being here.  This all so totally new to me.  We've never had a pet
with an illness, let alone something like this.  I swear I'm becomming
depressed.  I'm not gonna let BooBoo know it though.  
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