Sounds like you need some time to digest all these suggestions.....keep us up 
to date on BooBoo.  
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  From: Lynne 
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  Ah, my Chuck used to sleep on my chest.  Lennie, our present geriatric cat 
has become much more affectionate toward me since Boo has come.  Len is a guys 
cat, has always been my husband's boy and when our son was at home, his boy.  
Now he actually wants to sleep on my lap.  He still weighs 12 lbs but was a 
much heftier guy a couple years ago.  BooBoo is supposedly the runt of his 
litter but weighs 9 lbs 4 oz so he's a good size.  I'm going to try to sort out 
all the suggestions regarding feeding and give them the same diet.  I think I 
will get some liver and beef and see if BooBoo will eat that as well as his 
regular food and tuna.  I think he should have more iron in his diet.

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    From: Pat Kachur 
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    Mandy is also a "little pig" cat....she is absolutely tiny (about 5 lbs.) 
but she eats constantly--and will eat just about anything.  She, like your 
Chuck, prefers chicken--so I buy the Wellness chicken canned food.  She is deaf 
but I swear somehow she "knows" when the refrigerator door opens--'cause she's 
right there.  I believe she would jump inside if I didn't watch closely.  And 
if there is ANY kind of chicken nearby she does her "wild animal" act and 
grabs/growls.  She is really a fun kitty.  I got her from a shelter for my 
birthday last July--and I fell in love immediately.  She sleeps on top of me 
each night (taking several breaks to visit the food dish).  Love to you and 

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      From: Lynne 
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      Pat, BooBoo is a little pig cat.  He would eat all day long if we'd feed 
him.  He's eaten a whole can of tuna since he got home from the vet as well as 
some hard food and is still wanting more.  Tuna in spring water seems to be his 
favorite.  He also likes a bit of sardines for snack.  I bought him a really 
good dry and canned food at the vets but he only seems to like the hard stuff.  
You know, our first cat, Chuck, who lived to 19 was a very finicky eater.  
Actually his favorite foods were chicken and steak.  He also ate some hard 
crunchies but that cat loved chicken more than anything. We used to buy a bunch 
of friers and bake them and make up a bunch of meals in bags for him.  If we 
ate beef, he got beef.  It couldn't have been too harmful because he lived a 
long and healthy life.

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        From: Pat Kachur 
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        I join the chorus of don't be depressed and don't give up.  I agree 
with just about everything the others have said.  It can't be stressed too much 
that BooBoo needs to eat and keep eating.  My Mandy gets Wellness brand food 
from Whole Foods and she is 6+ years old and still no symptoms other than being 
deaf (which may or may not be related to the leukemia virus).  I hope you and 
BooBoo enjoy yourselves for many years.  

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          Subject: BooBoo is home!!

          BooBoo just came home from his neutering.  He had no trouble 
whatsoever with the anesthesia, has eaten, had a drink and can't stop purring.  
He's really happy to be home.  The vet went over his blood work with us and 
told us it didn't look good.  He's already anemic.  I was so hoping for some 
good news.  He's checking into some drugs for the future if needed and we 
choose to go that route.  He said they are very expensive.  This whole 
experience has sucked the life out of me.  I look at this precious little guy 
and he has absolutely no signs of a disease yet I know he does.  I am so angry 
with his previous owners right now.  They emailed me last week when I told them 
the news and they pretty much suggested that we gave him this disease because 
he was always healthy and happy.  This coming from a family who never took him 
to a vet.  He was a mess when we got him, totally matted, fleas and a terrible 
case of earmites.  Now he's beautifully groomed, clean and seemingly overjoyed 
at being here.  This all so totally new to me.  We've never had a pet with an 
illness, let alone something like this.  I swear I'm becomming depressed.  I'm 
not gonna let BooBoo know it though.  


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