Great Lynne ...that would be wonderful. You've found a good vet!

Not too long ago, when I was as 'shell shocked' as you are now, a woman (Nina) who was on this list told me that it is her belief that these Felv kitties are often 'sent' to us to teach us how to let go of our fear of loss, and how to live as they do, in the moment. I've found it to be so true. I hope with some time, you'll feel that way about
BooBoo. It will get better.
0It sounds as though you and your husband are going to give him every thing you can to
fight this battle. He's so lucky to have found you.

On Feb 14, 2008, at 8:30 PM, Lynne wrote:

Jane, I think that's a wonderful idea. I was telling our vet about "the good stories" tonight and he was very interested. We've determined this is a really terrific guy we've found. He's attempting to adopt out a just diagnosed FelV cat because as he confided to us tonight, he just loves this cat and doesn't want to see her put down. Like I mentioned, if that is what the owners decide to do, we've told him we will take her.

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I've just printed out a bunch of copies of "the good stories". I'm going to
give them to my vet when I stop in to get DMG tomorrow. Vets should
have hopeful stories to share with clients who were as devastated as we all were.

Thanks again, Kerry. It was so good of you to put these together.

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Thanks for adding the stories as I remember them when I joined many moons ago.
It is refreshing to see this again.

Still say that when the cure or vaccine to help the kitties I will eat a piece of Cheesecake as part of celebrating. (I can't stand the stuff...yuck) But will do it for the ones we have lost and for the current ones battling this horrible disease.
The day will come when a cure will happen but not soon enough for me.

Bless all of you of caring and loving your Felv kitties!


Terrie Mohr-Forker


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