We used this for Isabella for awhile. Not sure what all helped as we did many things.
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You are absolutely correct Jane. Again, it's called Transfer Factor. I am
desparate so am willing to put out a few extra bucks but you are totally
correct about us being vulnerable and easy prey for some unscrupulous

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Why doesn't Karen come onto the list and share Factor One?
I think there are rules that prevent soliciting products on a list
such as this.
We are all vulnerable, and subject to wishful thinking.
I hope that Factor One is a remedy, but I think that it should be
made available
to the list, and to our vets. This list should be transparent. (IMHO)

On Feb 20, 2008, at 9:41 AM, Sue Koren wrote:

> Lynne, I know what you mean about the vets - my vet acted like she
> thinks I'm a pain for even asking about preventative measures. And
> it has always seemed like they considered dogs to be more
> importent.  WE know better.
> What is the Factor One and what is it suppose to do? Buzz is still
> pretty healthy and I would sure like to keep him that way.  He
> worries me when he pants when he plays, though.
> Sue
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> =============
> Sue, I spoke with Karen at length last night and she recommended
> something
> called Factor One.  I'm gonna call the supplier today.  My vet has
> now told
> me that interferon will not help BooBoo as it is too late.  I've
> decided
> that I will do what I can within reason to help BooBoo keep
> comfortable.
> I've had to stop the Doxycycline because it is too stressful for him.
> Perhaps we can restart it next week if he's better or if the
> culture comes
> back suggesting another antibiotic I'll try that.  Our vet is a
> really nice
> guy but is not encouraging and it seems like now he does not want
> to do
> anything unless we tell him what to do.  He's concerned I suppose
> about the
> expense of all this treatment and the inevitable results.
> Good luck with the Holistic vet.  Around here this disease seems like
> something that has not interested a lot of vets and they just
> euthanize,
> which is shameful.  Also, a lot of vets seem to be more interested
> in dogs
> than cats, probably because there are so many feral cats around and
> they are
> causing problems.
> Lynne
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>> Hi, All -
>> First off, Lynn, I am so glad to hear Boo Boo is doing better.  I
>> had a
> cat who had fluid removed and she did not do anywhere near so well
> afterwards.  Don't give up on that little fighter any time soon!
>> I am thinking about taking Buzz to a Holistic Vet.  When I
>> questioned my
> regular vet about Immuno-Regulin and Interferon she said she had
> not heard
> of much success with those things and said I might want to consider a
> Holistic Vet.  I e-mailed one and asked if they could do anything
> for a
> FeLV+ cat that would be peventative and might help them throw the
> virus.  It
> is quite a distance from my home and I don't want to put Buzz
> through the
> stress of the trip if it won't do him any good.
>> Sue

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