I have been following this list for some time now, and find that there are 
great people here with excellent information.  I give great thanks to the 
people on this list for their dedication to saving the "unwanted'.  (I myself 
currently have 14 cats that have "found a home" here.)  All of which I have 
spayed/neutered and brought back to health. 

I have a website on Transfer Factor that you can go to and get a great amount 
of information.  It is www.powerbod.com/us/karengriffith   There are several 
brands of Transfer Factor, but this is the type that I have found that has the 
most extensive research behind it as well as the most beneficial effects on 
FeLV cats. 

You can read the information on what Transfer Factor does on the first page, 
and then you can go to the page for "Veterinary Medicine and Transfer Factor".  
It has a lot of info on the immune supporting capabilities of Transfer Factor.

Colostrum is very good as a supplement, but the Transfer Factor is more 
targeted.  It takes close to 60 colostrum pills to equal the immune benefits of 
one Transfer Factor Plus Tri Factor.

I would also encourage you to read the page for "Treating Chronically Ill 
Patients", as it will give you an idea of the benefits to humans....This helped 
me to more readily understand the benefits to our animals.

If you have any questions on nutrition or care for you kitties, you are more 
than welcome to call me at 740-992-5782.  This goes for anyone on the list.  I 
certainly don't have all of the answers (as does anyone with this aggravating 
disease), but hopefully can help to guide you, along with your veterinarians, 
to a successful outcome on your new babies.  I am also willing to speak with 
your veterinarians, if you so wish.  I have a passion for saving these FeLV 
cats that are most often sentenced to death.  They can, in most cases, live a 
long happy life.

The type of Transfer Factor I use for FeLV kitties is the human form.  If your 
decide to order from the company, order the Transfer Factor Plus Tri Factor.  I 
just use one pill a day unless there is a major crisis and then may use two.  
Only once in the most severe of cases have I used 2/day.  I have found the 
human formula much more effective than the feline formula.  The wonderful thing 
is that here are no adverse side effects and it will help with many of the 
other problems found in FeLV.

I am an Animal Scientist (Ohio State University) with a specialty in animal 
nutrition and physiology.  I am always willing to speak with anyone on the list 
about their sweet babies that are having problems.  It is easiest to reach me 
after 9pm EST.  (I have a very slow internet connection (rural area), so it is 
best to call me.)

Looking forward to speaking with you if you have any questions.

Karen Griffith 
Karen Griffith Farms
34440 State Route 7
Pomeroy, Ohio 45769
Phone: 740-992-5782
Website: www.karengriffith.com
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  This is my first post so please bear with me. I'm posting this through email. 
If there's a more efficient way please let me know. 2 weeks ago I took in 7 
filthy, reeking, matted, very, very ill cats from a horrific shelter in the 
area. All were emaciated, dehydrated, infected eyes, URI's, ear 
mites/infections, severe diahrea, etc.. My vet didn't think they'd make it 
through the first night but here they are getting healthier by the day. Some 
still need injectable antibiotic combos daily but they are improving.
  One of these had severe gingivitis - very infected teeth that had to be dealt 
quickly. She survived the anaesthetic and had all except 4 teeth removed (her 
canines were sticking sideways out of her mouth they were so infected).
  She had a blood panel done and she tested positive for FeLV. Her other levels 
correlate with the positive diagnosis. She may be up to 8 yrs old? She has a 
severe URI which is improving. However, she has terrible diahrea. She is on a 
daily injectable antibiotic combo and also gets injectable B12 and injectable B 
complex. I have her on probiotics and Standard Process Whole Body Support. I 
have Collostrum. Do you recommend it and how much should I give her? She's tiny 
and fragile - 4 - 5 lbs now. Do you recommend Interferon? What else can I give 
her? She is isolated in a very large sunny warm bathroom and very happy and 
very active (even a bit hyper). She has gone from NASTY cat in the beginning to 
sweet cuddly lap cat now. Two of the others have been tested (awaiting results) 
and the other 4 will have blood panels this week. Some of these new cats are 
isolated together and some are isolated alone. My own cats and other permanent 
fosters I have are fragile and don't get vaxed - can't due to auto immune 
diseases, severe HCM, vaccinosis, etc. so the new ones have no contact with 
  Any and all suggestions, advice would be gratefully accepted.


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