Get it from a nutrition place like GNC, and make sure you get the kind
without additives.  Most of the stuff you get at drug stores will have
-- I can't remember the name of the stuff, but it's bad for cats --
added to it.
Diane R.


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Sent: Thursday, February 28, 2008 9:04 AM
Subject: l-lysine

I've been looking into l-lysine to start giving to Athena - from what
I've read, it would help. She's periodically got slightly runny eyes
(like just eye boogers, nothing more) that the vet says could be allergy
related but some sites I have read said if it clears up with the
l-lysine it's something else. If we are even considering bringing
another cat into the household I want o have her as healthy as
physically possible.
Anyone use l-lysine and what form do you use?  I've seen tablets (which
I would HATE to have to administer) and powder forms... also, any
specific type/brand to go for that is OK for felines ?

Generally, what other supplements/therapies do you give consistently to
non-symptomatic felv+ cats?

Beth Gouldin

God Bless!!! 

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