He doesn't think he is poor.....look at the love around him. And cats don't just by appearances the way people do.
On Feb 29, 2008, at 5:19 PM, Lynne wrote:

Ah, poor Smokey. I wish it could have helped him. Of course Boo doesn't have cancer, that we know of, but after these aspirations he's a new cat for a couple days. Even his vet is amazed at how he rebounds. Unfortunately,
this is turning out to be a weekly thing and I don't know how long his
little body can tolerate it. They've had to shave two areas on his sides to put the needles in. Its terrible but when he stretches out on the bed he looks like one of those skinned rabbits in the frozen meat department. I tried cooking one of those things once when Bob and I first were married and
we had to toss it out because it was just so nightmarish looking.  Now
BooBoo kind of looks like that.  I keep combing his long hair over the
patches.  Poor little guy.

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Subject: Re: new hope for Boo

I would believe that in most states, the minute you
take money for something, and verify it is healthy or
it works, you are committed to be truthful about it.
If not, it seems like fraud.

One thing is for sure, Boo would have never gotten the
care you have given him had he stayed there.  Even
with a shorter life, it is better to know love and
have quality in your existence.

You are fortunate that Boo does so well after the
aspirations.  My soul mate, Smokey died from cancer,
and each time we did the aspiration, he'd get a bit
worse...plus he wasn't eating.  It must make you feel
great to see him eating so well.

All the best,

--- Lynne <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Dede, she was not a registered breeder but just had
all these Himalayans.  I
found out about BooBoo being for sale online of all
places.  The only reason
I bought him was because he is BooBoo, a cat I had
got to know well through
the previous summer and fall as he would come to my
house all of the time
and we'd feed, groom and tend to his wounds.  He had
a little collar on and
I would put messages on his collar for them to take
him to the vet because
of his bloodied ears etc and one time the owner came
around wanting to know
if I had him, which I didn't and I lit into her
about her neglect and
threatened to take him to the humane society  if she
didn't keep care of
him.  She and I aren't exactly buddies.  I dealt
with her two daughters when
I bought Boo.  The daughter told me that to her
knowledge he had been
vaccinated, I didn't ask for proof of vaccination
but assumed he had been.
This is one of those buyer beware situations I
guess.  I'm convinced now
they knew he was not well.  After they agreed to
sell him to me we were not
able to actually have him for almost 2 weeks.  They
kept making excuses
about family wanting to see him, he was asleep with
the other cats, etc etc.
I would ask the daughter, is there something wrong
with him, is he ok and
she would just laugh it off and say, he's great.
Even if I had known he was
ill I would have taken him.  It's weird but it's
like this cat was destined
to be ours.  Once the cold weather came and he
stayed inside, I would come
home every day from work and hope that he would come
out from under the
trailer in our driveway and I would steal him so
he'd never have to leave
again.  It was a dream come true to get him and now

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From: "dede hicken" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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Subject: Re: new hope for Boo

I came in a little late to all this that BooBoo
been going through, and I missed
something...obviously.  You got this cat from a
Breeder????  And they did NOT give you your money
back??? (Not that it would have helped Boo, but
gesture would have been nice)

I hope you fry their (   ).  People like this
be prosacuted for the sake of the cats and the
they put the people through.  I hope you are
every single receipt.

So glad Boo is feeling better.  I hope both he and
have a lovely weekend!


--- Lynne <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Ah thanks Anita.  We had to rush him in this
a day early because he was breathing through his
mouth.  Dr. Gill, BooBoo's biggest admirer drew
another 100 cc from his lungs.  He immediately
better and Dr. Gill handed him over to Bob to
home.  As soon as he got home he ate like a
horse and now is sleeping.  My husband and I
asking each other if we're sure this is what we
to do and we both agree we've made a committment
try what's available to us and that's what we're
going to do.  It will break my heart when our 19
year old goes but he has lead such a good life
still is but poor little BooBoo didn't deserve
and it could have easily been prevented by one
frickin vaccine that a stupid cat breeder
to do.  I hope the woman who took the 300 bucks
us for him uses the money to go out for dinner
chokes.  I'm appalled that they know what we're
going through and didn't at the very least give
the money to help us offset his  vet bills.  I'm
done with these people.  I'm just too busy with
at the moment to get really vindictive.

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 From: Stray Cat Alliance
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 Subject: RE: new hope for Boo

 Lynne, my heart truly goes out to you, your
husband and Boo. What love and compassion you
have -
that is truly worth its weight in gold. Love is
best medicine and you obviously have a lot of
I am praying the treatments help Boo.

 Best wishes,

 "Every year shelters kill almost 5,000,000
dogs, puppies & kittens.

 Most were beautiful, loving creatures (even
cats!) that died simply because they did not
have a
 Every puppy or kitten born costs a shelter
its life.

 Save lives, spay-neuter, support
Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) & adopt for life!"


for information on Spay/Neuter in Mid-Central PA
 Visit http://www.alleycat.org for information
humane control of the feral and stray cat
 Visit http://www.cpaa.info for information on
life-saving programs and organizations in
Mid-Central PA

   To: felvtalk@felineleukemia.org
   Subject: new hope for Boo
   Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2008 17:17:18 -0500

   Well, after bawling a lot last night and
conferring with my husband while at work today I
faxed off another letter to my vet letting him
that Bob and I would try any treatment that may
possibly give BooBoo more time on this earth
with us
and I made a couple suggestions.  To my surprise
told me I could pick the interferon up tomorrow
the pharmacy I deal with and he would start the
injections Saturday.  The other vet said it
would do

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