Well, after bawling a lot last night and conferring with my husband while at 
work today I faxed off another letter to my vet letting him know that Bob and I 
would try any treatment that may possibly give BooBoo more time on this earth 
with us and I made a couple suggestions.  To my surprise he told me I could 
pick the interferon up tomorrow at the pharmacy I deal with and he would start 
the injections Saturday.  The other vet said it would do no good at this stage, 
but BooBoo's primary caregiver is more willing to try to help him, that is if 
we wish to go through with it.  I was so desparate today I wondered if he could 
be transfused to give him a better shot at battling this and he will be 
transfused next week.  His vet said they have a donor for him that is 
vaccinated yearly.  I didn't actually think there would be a live donor and was 
kind of dismayed to think another cat would have to do this for us but the vet 
assured me with cats their blood store is totally back to normal in a short 
time.  I even had a pharmacy tech offer her Himalayan as a donor.  I truly do 
not know if this will do any good whatsoever but what is there left to do.  If 
new blood and interferon can't help him, I honestly believe we can do nothing 
more.  I asked about other drugs too but the vet said he was really happy and 
thankful we're willing to go this far for him.  He has 3 cats of his own and 
does love cats.  He told us most positive cats or cats with FIP aren't given 
these chances so this is a first for him.  I know he will do everything he can 
to help BooBoo.  He really loves him too..If we can just give him a fighting 
chance here I'll try this Transfer Factor stuff that came in the mail today.  


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