Dear Lynne - I am so very sorry that BooBoo had to leave.  You and Bob are the 
most wonderful people and it was somehow meant that BooBoo would come to you 
for happiness in his last days.  He is well and happy now and I know that 
doesn't really help at this time--but time passing will dull the pain and 
accentuate the happy.  And, remembering him and how much good you did for him.  

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  From: Lynne 
  Sent: Sunday, March 02, 2008 10:04 PM
  Subject: BooBoo left us

  We lost our precious baby tonight.  He developed difficulty breathing and we 
rushed him to the emergency clinic.  He was dehydrated and had just had his 
lungs aspirated Friday.  The vet recently experienced the same situation with 
his Himilayan, co-incidentally, though I sometimes think they make stuff up to 
identify with your pain.

  I held his little face in my hand and petted him as did Bob and he slipped 
away almost immediately.  I don't think I've cried this much in my life, Bob 
too.  At this moment I can't imagine ever being happy again.  Sounds stupid but 
BooBoo conveyed to me this evening it was time to go and he thanked us.  He was 
so very weak he could hardly walk but he was still purring as we pet him even 
with the damn catheter in.  We know this was best for him but the worst for us.

  Thank you all for being so very supportive.


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