I'm so sorry to read about Smokey.  :(

I told you a bit about Smokey. The morning he died,
he woke me up as usual nuzling my ear and purring. I
will never forget that, ever. We too, had just had
the aspiration done, but he wasn't eating and it was
so hard for him to breathe at times. We went through
the same thing at the vet. It seemed the more we did
the aspirations, the quicker the fluid came back. 
After he died, the vet looked into his chest. One
lung was collapsed, and he was full of tumors. He had
to have been unconfortable, and it was time.

Cats are such noble and unselfish beings. You never
really know how sick they are until they have no more
to give. Console yourself with the fact that Boo was
really happy until just before the end, and he knew
true love and devotion from you both. Not many cats
on this planet can claim that.

God bless you both, and don't worry about BooBoo. He
is fine, happy and healthy, and waiting for you.


--- Lynne wrote:

> We lost our precious baby tonight. He developed
> difficulty breathing and we rushed him to the
> emergency clinic. He was dehydrated and had just
> had his lungs aspirated Friday. The vet recently
> experienced the same situation with his Himilayan,
> co-incidentally, though I sometimes think they make
> stuff up to identify with your pain.
> I held his little face in my hand and petted him as
> did Bob and he slipped away almost immediately. I
> don't think I've cried this much in my life, Bob
> too. At this moment I can't imagine ever being
> happy again. Sounds stupid but BooBoo conveyed to
> me this evening it was time to go and he thanked us.
> He was so very weak he could hardly walk but he was
> still purring as we pet him even with the damn
> catheter in. We know this was best for him but the
> worst for us.
> Thank you all for being so very supportive.
> Lynne

"When you are in the service of your fellow beings, you are only in the service 
of your God"
Mosiah 2:17

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