Wintson will wink one or both eyes at times (it hasn't happened for a long 
time, knock on wood) and his eyes would get red rimmed. This was usually 
associated with a stressful event (eg vet visit). L-lysine always does the 
trick. He also has acne and I give L-lysine when that occurs. 
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  Hi Susan,

  When it comes to eyes, I can't swear enough by Lysine.  If your kitty is over 
a year old, you can give her 500 mg 2x a day of the Lysine (pure/no additives) 
mixed into her wet food until it's completely healed.  You can get it at a 
health food store.  My Smookie could not get rid of the ulcer in her eye no 
matter what the vet gave her (like 3 or 4 different meds! and she had already 
lost one eye before we adopted her, so it was serious!!!), but the lysine 
knocked out that ulcer within 10 days or so.  It's great stuff for viruses!



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  I had to take Autumn to the vet today. Yesterday I noticed that she would sit 
with her right eye squinched shut. I tried to wash it and she got mad and bit. 
I tried to give her overnight to resolve it, but this morning she barely opened 
it. She kept sitting with her eyes closed or in a loaf position. She wasn't 
playing or moving much. I noticed her pupil wasn't dilating like the left eye. 
I made the decision to get her in to the vet ASAP this morning. They didn't see 
any lesions, but her eye pressure was 28. For comparison her good eye was 14. 
They gave us a topical anti-inflammatory. Her vet said that the inflammation is 
behind the eye and they don't know what is causing it - possibly she could have 
given herself a black eye somehow. The other option is that this is FELV 
related. Anyone had something similar? 
  Her eye is now open because of the meds. She actually played a bit. I worry 
about my little bug. 
  ~Susan A

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