Kerry's cat Bandy,and my Junior both had Uveitis. Junior also developed a
corneal ulcer which later caused Glaucoma in that eye. I was not able to
take him to an opthalmologist. He was on several eye meds for infection and
pain. He was also on Trusopt for his glaucoma. It is very expensive and will
not cure the glaucoma. It is also stressful to put drops in his eyes. The
vet decided to treat for pain and let me do the research so I understood the
medicine. He has been on Metacam for a year. That is for pain though. I
think his eye problems are herpes related. Other than drainage now he does
not have any infection in his eye. He does have another URI he caught from
JJ. Both are on antibiotics. Junior has to take a stronger antibiotic and
gets the nasty Clindamycin.

Do not give steriods drops if your cat gets an corneal ulcer.

On Mon, Nov 8, 2004 at 3:52 PM, Sue & Frank Koren <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

>  Susan -
> My Charlie had eye problems and our vet suspected it had something to do
> with feline herpes. They put him on l-lysine and antibiotics and tried all
> kinds of things.  His eyes would get crusty and were obviously very
> painful.  At one point one of his eyes looked like a bright red marble in
> his head.  I took him to an eye specialist and none of them seemed to know
> what to do.  His eyes finally cleared up around the time that he was
> diagnosed with asthma.  I don't know if that was related or not but that was
> over a year ago and they have not flared up since.  He has some scaring on
> his eyes and I only hope it doesn't come back because with all the tests and
> medications he had, nobody could ever say for sure what was wrong.  Hope you
> find something that will help Autumn.
> Sue
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> I had to take Autumn to the vet today. Yesterday I noticed that she would
> sit with her right eye squinched shut. I tried to wash it and she got mad
> and bit. I tried to give her overnight to resolve it, but this morning she
> barely opened it. She kept sitting with her eyes closed or in a loaf
> position. She wasn't playing or moving much. I noticed her pupil wasn't
> dilating like the left eye. I made the decision to get her in to the vet
> ASAP this morning. They didn't see any lesions, but her eye pressure was 28.
> For comparison her good eye was 14. They gave us a topical
> anti-inflammatory. Her vet said that the inflammation is behind the eye and
> they don't know what is causing it - possibly she could have given herself a
> black eye somehow. The other option is that this is FELV related. Anyone had
> something similar?
> Her eye is now open because of the meds. She actually played a bit. I
> worry about my little bug.
> ~Susan A

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