Gee, Lynne. You don't believe in miracles? What a ridiculous thing to
say! I
fully understand your disgust with these people. I don't know that
going to get satisfaction from them, if they're capable of such poor
of their "product," but I definitely don't blame you for trying. 

If you're really considering legal action, your best bet would be (imo)
move forward and consult a lawyer to find out what the possibilities
are. I'm 
just afraid it's going to be more trouble than it's worth, and that
people will either weasel out of their obligations, or you'll have
legal bills. It may be that this can be taken to small-claims court in
your area.

Either way, I'd complain to the local chamber of commerce, the Better
Bureau, and anyone at all that can have an effect on these people. You
also consider writing letters to the editors of your local papers, being
to not name these people directly, but warning any would-be cat owners
triple-check any cat breeders or handlers they might consider purchasing
animal from, and to definitely not take their word for it. 

I've been praying for you and Bob. I'm really sorry that you're having
go through this.


On Mon, 10 Mar 2008 12:59:21 -0500, "Lynne" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> said:
> I just need to vent.  I have become extremely angry with the family who
> sold us BooBoo.  I had been keeping them posted regularly, as they asked
> me to, on the ordeal he was going through and only in the very beginning
> did I receive one email from them, which indicated they thought my vet
> was wrong, I should seek a second opinion, Felv was not contageous and
> BooBoo had always been happy and healthy.  The woman also said some
> stupid thing about what's wrong with me, that I don't believe in
> miracles.
> Well today, a week after Boo left us and the pain has not diminished, I
> fired off an email expressing my surprise at their total lack of interest
> in his short life with us. I told her I felt she knew he was ill when she
> sold him to us and the circumstances around our acquiring him being
> suspicious and told her I had talked to a lawyer friend about possible
> legal action.  I said I wanted either a certified vet checked Himilayan
> or my 300 dollars back, which by the way is a pittance compared to the
> vet bills.  I told her I would not let this matter die, like BooBoo had
> to.  I would have spent any amount in the world to keep him alive but it
> wasn't meant to be.  There has to be some kind of justice here.  People
> like this should not be allowed to own any kind of pet and should need to
> suffer for their inhumanity.
> Lynne
  Lance Linimon

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