grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Didn't you say they left Boo Boo outside?

Lynne <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
          Well I received a reply from Boo's previous owner today.  They blame 
me for all that happened.  They insist he was happy and healthy before we got 
him and basically that we killed him by having vets stick needles in him and 
using drugs that were not FDA approved.  She's so stupid, she refers to the FDA 
which isn't even a Canadian agency.  Obviously she is worried because she says 
she saved all my emails and they point to the fact that they would have taken 
BooBoo back and they would have given me documentation of his vaccinations if 
he had had them.  I replied that I would never have given a sick BooBoo back to 
them because he would have died an excrutiating death under their care.  I did 
finish my reply to her by saying that I hoped in a moment of sanity they 
realized that they were responsible for his illness and they live with the 
guilt for the rest of their lives but that somehow I doubt that would happen.

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