Congratulations, Lynn!  She is a very lucky little kitty to have both of you!  
It is amazing how a new kitty can help heal our hearts, even though the ones 
who are gone stay with us forever.  (Hope you end up being her favorite!)

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  We met the foster mom of the cat we adopted at the vets this morning and now 
have our new little girl home.  She was a rescued cat from this horrible shop 
owner in town.  I was expecting to meet a kind of pathetic looking little kitty 
but to our surprise, she's a 9 pound gorgeous white persian with amber colored 
eyes.  She's absolutely beautiful but for the moment prefers to be upstairs on 
her own.  We're not forcing ourselves on her but the foster mom says she is 
very affectionate and loves attention.  She inspected every inch of the house 
and will come down when she wants to.  We are just so happy to finally have her 
here.  She has never had a real home, just a pet store and the foster mom.  


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