I'm sorry for your loss. I love the name by the way. It takes special people to 
take in more leukemia cats when you know what you might be in for.  I hope your 
new baby lives a long and healthy life.

Tracy Weese <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
            She is lovely!
    I, too,just lost a cat (although not a FeLV+), but a cat I had for 13 years 
and for the last two years, he was going through chemo for intestinal cancer.  
But prior to his passing, I agreed to take a cat that tested positive for FeLV 
and needed a home (I have had many FeLV+ cats, lost 3 last year to the 
disease).  I was unsure about following through with taking the new cat when 
Puddin'taine died even though I knew it was coming.  I went ahead and took the 
other cat and am so glad I did.  He has really blossomed and made himself at 
home--even helping to fill the void left behind.
  I mention this because I know that Snowball will do the same for you and Bob. 
 Every time I read where someone's pet has died and they say they can't go 
through that again and they decide "no more pets" I think how sad.  I know it's 
tempting, having lost so many (since I typically rescue FeLV+ cats, that is 
unavoidable) and it never gets easier, but sometimes sooner or sometimes later, 
another furry soul comes along and needs you (and you need him/her).  Here's 
wishing that you and Snowball have many many days together.

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