Since Foxy has been healthy to this point, maybe this event is an anomaly and that with the correct care she will be able to rebound. Is the vet that you are using up on FeLV? As Belinda suggests, there may be a way to reverse her anemia. There are people on the list who may be able to give you advise. I hope someone who has dealt with this will see your post and be able to help you.

I know how stressful the unknowns of this disease are. It is awful to be told she has a few days to live and then discover that she has rebounded. It is so confusing and such an emotional roller coaster.

I would relay Belinda's experience to your vet and get as much information as you can to post to this group.
Maybe someone with more experience with anemia will see your post.

I hope that there is someway to help Foxy get through this crisis.
I'm sending you every good wish.


On Apr 1, 2008, at 7:54 PM, Kathy Dillard wrote:

First of all- thank-you for your response. When Foxy went to the vet yesterday they gave her steroid shot, and antibiotic (shot) and fluid under the skin (shot) as she was dehydrated. They did a blood test and said her white count was almost nonwxisent and her red count was at 10- even too low for a transfusion. So we took her home and cried- and prepared ourselves for the worst. Today Foxy is doing better ( which is probably due to the shots) but she is eating and grooming herself and she doesnt have a fever. My husband and I dont understand and feel confused because Foxy is not breathing heavy which you would think would be happening because of lack of red blood cells and and lack of oxygen. Foxy has been very healthy up to this point so I think she has a strong constitution to draw from-but wonder if her blood count is so low now that it is too late. We did call the vet back today to let them know that she was actually looking better and if there was anything else we could do and they had us pick up a prescription of prednisone. i have raised alot of cats but have never had one with feline leukemia and feel very overwhelmed but want to do everything possible for Foxy and to make sure she is comfortable and not suffering. I hope this information helps clarify her condition and if you have anymore information or thoughts I would greatly appreciate it. I will definitley call the vet tomorrow with more questions and information.

Belinda Sauro <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
This may be too late already but what does your vet say is causing
the anemia???? If he said it is the FeLV causing it RUN to another
vet!!!! Is she getting doxycycline in case she has hemobartonella,
something positives are prone to get and VERY hard to test for???
Bailey was anemic at one point and it was because the virus had activate in his bone marrow and was preventing the making of new red blood cells, he got high doses of prednisolone and epogen and his anemia was reversed.

Send her numbers to the list. How low is low??


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