If it is al all possible find another vet who is more knowledgable in treating FeLV this vet is pretty clueless. An HCT of 10 is when a transfusion would be seriously considered not ruled out, that alone tells me this vet doesn't have the knowledge to help you.

Bailey started with an HCT of 20% at which point we ordered the epogen, by the time I got it his HCT had gone down to 18%, after two weeks of being on the epogen it was at 15%, it often takes epogen 3 weeks or even longer to kick in. By week 3 his HCT was back up to 18% and went up from there. When he passed of pancreatic cancer his HCT was a very healthy 33%, so he never became anemic after that. The prednisolone may help but in order to build new red cells she needs vitb, iron and folic acid, all are needed to build new red cells. Nutrived ahs all 3 and is fairly cheap, you can order it here:

I order it for Fred my CRF furkid. I have not found it cheaper anywhere else.

How is the baby today?


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