Mixing has worked for me as long as the negative cat is up to date on felv vaccine. My vet says the vac is 90+ % effective and, if the other cat or cats are healthy, he sees very little reason for worry.

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What a difficult situation, my heart goes out to you. When I got my Calawalla, she was 6 months old, a pretty little calico girl kitten, just off the street. I couldnt' believe she would ever die, but she did at about 3 yrs old. I kind of feel like if they make it past 3, they're gonna be ok, but just my experience. I did keep Calawalla isolated from the others, meticulously, for about 6 months. Then I did decide to mix Calawalla with my other non-FELV cats, and it worked out fine for me. They had been vaccinated, but I think a healthy adult immune system does a lot whether they're vacc'd or not. I added another FELV cat to the mix, and they were all great buddies. I really don't think it's as contagious as we hear. I have a friend who also acquired a kitty that tested positive - she uses interferon alpha daily, and mixes with another non-FELV cat, and works for her. She's made it past the 3 year mark, and everyone's doing fine.

Not saying that you should necessarily do this,something to consider - and others here don't do that, but several of us do and find it works.

If you choose to find another home for your sweet kitty, I'm sure in that Michigan area where you live, or NJ/PA, that you can find someone to take and love Binxy.

Best of luck and hope this gives you help in some way.


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I recently adopted a 4 yr old cat from an ad on the local Detroit  Metro
Craigslist. I also have Velvet whom I adopted from the SPCA 16 yrs ago
who obviously has been tested then and free from both FELV and FIV.

I had been keeping the new cat, Binxy, totally separate in the  bathroom
until she settled down a little and stopped cowering behind the pipes
under the cabinet enough for me to take her to the Vet. Of course I  knew
in the back of my mind that she could have either disease since the
people who gave her to me had obviously done little to care for her-- not
spayed, nails unclipped, no brushing, ear mites,  no vet visits in  four
years, etc. But, I have a soft spot for callies and I figured that an
older cat had a far lesser chance of being adopted since most people
want kittens. She is really cute.

Anyhow, she tested positive for FELV today---the Vet himself did the
test so there is little chance that it was not done properly. This
leaves me in quite a dilemma. For Velvet's sake, keeping Binxy just
isn't a realistic option and she can't stay in the bathroom much  longer.
I am living in a shared housing situation and although my landlord  does
allow animals, he let me know that the house needs the downstairs
bathroom back. Plus what kind of life is that for a cat who is very
loving and social? Now that she is over her initial fear and shock  over
being unceremoniously dumped in a strange place, her cuddly, loving
personality is emerging.  Were she a more offish or mean type, the
thought of having her peacefully put to sleep probably wouldn't be as

Aside from the ear mites (and most likely worms) she seems to be  healthy
and I'm sure could have a good quality of life in a home as an only  cat
or with another pos. cat---but how to find such a situation? I am at a
total loss and don't know where to turn. I have already called several
rescue groups in this area and been faced with the obvious---with the
highly contagious nature of this disease, they just don't have the
resources or facilities to deal with this and put all the other neg  cats
at risk.

If I take her to the Humane Society, I'm pretty certain she would be
immediately put down if they would even allow her into the building at
all. I have never been faced with a situation like this as all of the
cats which I have had throughout my life were from a Shelter, or  rescue
group and tested before they even came through my door.

Do any of you have any suggestions or know of anybody or any group in
this area which specializes in placing pos. cats?  I really don't want
to see such a sweet cat be euthanized, but I just don't have a clue  what
to do now and I must do something soon.   I found this list as I was
doing a google search for fel-pos rescue groups. Any other groups I  have
encountered are either way out of my area or only take animals from
other shelter or from off the street---not from the general public.

If there are no resources in my current area in Pontiac-Detroit- Metro in
Michigan, if you know of any near Philadelphia, Pa or nearby New  Jersey,
I am scheduled to go back there to visit friends soon and could take  her

I am so hoping that some of you may know of some resources. Thanks in
advance for any advice you could give me.  I really appreciate it.



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