I mix as well.  Only with vaccinated cats, of course.

Pat Kachur <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
  Mixing has worked for me as long as the negative cat is up to date on felv 
vaccine. My vet says the vac is 90+ % effective and, if the other cat or 
cats are healthy, he sees very little reason for worry.

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> What a difficult situation, my heart goes out to you. When I got my 
> Calawalla, she was 6 months old, a pretty little calico girl kitten, just 
> off the street. I couldnt' believe she would ever die, but she did at 
> about 3 yrs old. I kind of feel like if they make it past 3, they're 
> gonna be ok, but just my experience. I did keep Calawalla isolated from 
> the others, meticulously, for about 6 months. Then I did decide to mix 
> Calawalla with my other non-FELV cats, and it worked out fine for me. 
> They had been vaccinated, but I think a healthy adult immune system does 
> a lot whether they're vacc'd or not. I added another FELV cat to the 
> mix, and they were all great buddies. I really don't think it's as 
> contagious as we hear. I have a friend who also acquired a kitty that 
> tested positive - she uses interferon alpha daily, and mixes with another 
> non-FELV cat, and works for her. She's made it past the 3 year mark, and 
> everyone's doing fine.
> Not saying that you should necessarily do this,something to consider - 
> and others here don't do that, but several of us do and find it works.
> If you choose to find another home for your sweet kitty, I'm sure in that 
> Michigan area where you live, or NJ/PA, that you can find someone to 
> take and love Binxy.
> Best of luck and hope this gives you help in some way.
> Gloria
> On Apr 1, 2008, at 11:07 PM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
>> I recently adopted a 4 yr old cat from an ad on the local Detroit Metro
>> Craigslist. I also have Velvet whom I adopted from the SPCA 16 yrs ago
>> who obviously has been tested then and free from both FELV and FIV.
>> I had been keeping the new cat, Binxy, totally separate in the bathroom
>> until she settled down a little and stopped cowering behind the pipes
>> under the cabinet enough for me to take her to the Vet. Of course I knew
>> in the back of my mind that she could have either disease since the
>> people who gave her to me had obviously done little to care for her-- 
>> not
>> spayed, nails unclipped, no brushing, ear mites, no vet visits in four
>> years, etc. But, I have a soft spot for callies and I figured that an
>> older cat had a far lesser chance of being adopted since most people
>> want kittens. She is really cute.
>> Anyhow, she tested positive for FELV today---the Vet himself did the
>> test so there is little chance that it was not done properly. This
>> leaves me in quite a dilemma. For Velvet's sake, keeping Binxy just
>> isn't a realistic option and she can't stay in the bathroom much longer.
>> I am living in a shared housing situation and although my landlord does
>> allow animals, he let me know that the house needs the downstairs
>> bathroom back. Plus what kind of life is that for a cat who is very
>> loving and social? Now that she is over her initial fear and shock over
>> being unceremoniously dumped in a strange place, her cuddly, loving
>> personality is emerging. Were she a more offish or mean type, the
>> thought of having her peacefully put to sleep probably wouldn't be as
>> difficult.
>> Aside from the ear mites (and most likely worms) she seems to be healthy
>> and I'm sure could have a good quality of life in a home as an only cat
>> or with another pos. cat---but how to find such a situation? I am at a
>> total loss and don't know where to turn. I have already called several
>> rescue groups in this area and been faced with the obvious---with the
>> highly contagious nature of this disease, they just don't have the
>> resources or facilities to deal with this and put all the other neg cats
>> at risk.
>> If I take her to the Humane Society, I'm pretty certain she would be
>> immediately put down if they would even allow her into the building at
>> all. I have never been faced with a situation like this as all of the
>> cats which I have had throughout my life were from a Shelter, or rescue
>> group and tested before they even came through my door.
>> Do any of you have any suggestions or know of anybody or any group in
>> this area which specializes in placing pos. cats? I really don't want
>> to see such a sweet cat be euthanized, but I just don't have a clue what
>> to do now and I must do something soon. I found this list as I was
>> doing a google search for fel-pos rescue groups. Any other groups I have
>> encountered are either way out of my area or only take animals from
>> other shelter or from off the street---not from the general public.
>> If there are no resources in my current area in Pontiac-Detroit- Metro in
>> Michigan, if you know of any near Philadelphia, Pa or nearby New Jersey,
>> I am scheduled to go back there to visit friends soon and could take her
>> along.
>> I am so hoping that some of you may know of some resources. Thanks in
>> advance for any advice you could give me. I really appreciate it.
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