Western Blot is for FIV, IFA is for FeLV.

If the snap test is positive for FeLV and the exposure
was recent, it can 
take 8 to 12 weeks before it will show in the IFA
test.  It could also have 
been a false positive and there is the possibility
that if it was a true 
positive and the exposure was recent the cat may be
able to mount an immune 
response and eliminate the virus.  That would usually
happen with 12 weeks 
after exposure.

If vaccinating other cats that may become exposed keep
in mind that to 
obtain the full immunity the vaccine provides requires
a series of 2 shots 3 
to 4 weeks apart so, the vaccine is not fully
effective for about 4 weeks.


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>I forgot to mention, even though your vet may have
administered the
> in-house test correctly, that test sometimes shows
false positives (and
> negatives).  You should have Binxy retested using
the Western Blot,
> which is more accurate.
> Diane R.

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