Thanks Dede,

I realize I'm concerned about a procedure that is routine but I was still
worried about her little pushed in nose and having difficulty in breathing
while under but the technician I spoke to told me that she would be
carefully monitored during the procedure.  After all she has been through in
her short 3 years I just feel bad about having to subject her to anything
that involves pain.  She's just so happy now.  And I'm still kind of in
disbelief about what happened with BooBoo.  I just don't take anything for
granted anymore when it comes to my pets.

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> Lynne,
> I know how you feel.  Your new little one is healthy.  If you go to a
capable vet that uses iso for anesthesis, and does monitoring, she'll be
fine.  I have seen the proceedure done many times.  We waited almost a year
to do our Dusty because she has a hypoplastic trachia, and asthma.  I was a
basket case, but my wonderful vet called a specialist, and they used a
kitten sized tube to intubate her during the surgery.  She is now 10 yrs
old...fat and very content.
> Good luck and God bless.
> Dede
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> > Hi all,
> >
> > I haven't posted in a while but have been reading all
> > the emails.  I guess this is a little off topic but I need
> > some reassurance.  This coming Thursday we are taking our
> > Snowy in to be spayed.  It was part of the contract I
> > signed when we adopted her from the foster mom. She's
> > the rescued girl we got after BooBoo died.  She's a 3
> > year old persian and I am scared to death about doing this.
> >  We've had her for about a month and the vet thought it
> > a good idea that we wait til she adjusted to us, which took
> > about a day.  She had been neglected in the past and had
> > basically lived in a cage until she was rescued.  She had
> > feline herpes and a respiratory infection when she was
> > taken but recovered nicely and was immunized when we got
> > her.  I just keep thinking that if we had not had BooBoo
> > neutered he may have fared better.  I truly believe that it
> > hastened his demise.  I hope I'm wrong about this and
> > even though we have always had our cats neutered, I realize
> > spaying is a little more complicated.  The vet assured us
> > she would be fine but if we lost her I don't think
> > we'd ever recover.  She is an amazing precious little
> > girl.  We haven't had a younger cat in the house for a
> > long time and she is so playful and comes to bed with me
> > every night when I go upstairs.  She talks to us all the
> > time in these little meows and you can tell she is really
> > happy.
> >
> > The field worker who investigated BooBoo's previous
> > owners came by last week to meet her and see how she was
> > doing and was amazed at her too.  He commented that we were
> > lucky to get her because hundreds of people applied.
> > She's kind of a poster child in this area for abused
> > animals.  He also said she was very lucky to have got us,
> > which was very nice of him.
> >
> > Lynne
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