Oh, you bet!  Buzz has been a little wild boy since he was released from his 
room.  He eats like a pig, chases the other cats and has no idea anything is 
wrong with him.  He eats Wellness food and has various suppliments.  This 
weekend I am taking my first Reiki class which may also help him.  He will be 
treasured for as long as I am privledged to have him.
Thanks for the encouragement!
---- Jane Lyons <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: 

Hi Sue
Here's my take on Buzz's retest : if he looks and acts like a healthy  
cat, if he plays and eats as a
healthy cat would, He's a healthy cat !!!!!

I've spent the past year nursing a positive, highly symptomatic  
kitten to a place where she looks,
acts, eats, and plays like the healthiest cat I've ever known. I've  
decided to take her lead and have
made a conscious decision to treat her if she were negative, and that  
her positive test was an

I'll continue her wellness regime (the best diet, l-lycine,  
FortiFlora, DMG and Thullium met) and her 'bliss
therapy' and if there are any symptoms or set backs, we'll deal with  

I think the best thing you can do for Buzz is what you have been  
doing. Love and hope and care move
mountains. Apparently Buzz thinks he is healthy and supporting him  
seems to be the best strategy.

Long live Buzz!

On May 7, 2008, at 7:55 AM, Sue Koren wrote:

> Hello everyone...
> Buzz finally had his test yesterday and it was positive again.  My  
> vet tells me it is very rare for a cat to become negative after the  
> second test after three months has come back positive.  Is that  
> what everyones experience has been?
> The vet also said he seems to be very healthy, so we will count our  
> blessings.
> I tried to put this vets name on the vet list that MaryChristine  
> gave a link to recently but the site will not let me do anything.   
> This vet has been very supportive and is willing to learn more  
> about FeLV+ options.
> Thank you to everybody here for all the help and advise you put on  
> this list.  I am pretty new and not very knowledgeable so I don't  
> participate that much, but I read everything and it helps a lot.
> Sue

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