Hi Kelley,
   A predicament indeed ... I would just explain that is they can afford 
it they should get any negs vaccinated, do the best as far as food they 
can afford and most important as far as I am concerned keep stress to a 

The cats all live together already so have been exposed to each other so 
now it's just a matter of doing the best they can with what they have.  
Bailey ate Fancy Feast of his 11 years, it was only until the last year 
and a half or so I started feeding raw, he was healthy until the last 6 
months of his life.

Stress in my mind is far more important than anything else, Fancy Feast 
if they can afford it is one of the better store bought foods if there 
is such a thing. I know a lot of cancer, CRF and other kitties with 
health issues eating Fancy Feast and they are doing just fine.


happiness is being owned by cats ...


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