Greetings Again,

I have not been very active here since the passing of my LeLV cat Elric 
Whiteybone. Since then I have been active in cat rescue.

Recently I have lost another cat to this disease, he came to our back 
porch, and rubbed between my wifes legs. He was more than friendly, but 
he had a full mucus mustache on his face.

He tested positive for LeLV but not FIV, the respiratory infection which 
was giving him his mucus mustache did not respond to any of the 5+ 
antibiotics we used on him. We named him Gio short for Giovanni.

With in two weeks the disease did it work on his body along with the 
respiratory infection. On a Saturday we took him to our Rescue Groups 

We got there way early and were able to spend over an hour with him there.

When the Veterinarian got there, she asked if this was our kitty or a 
rescue kitty. We responded he was a rescue kitty and that we were 
staying with him while his time came.

So while the Veterinarian gave him the meds to ease his passing, my wife 
and I were holding and touching him. We both felt him relax then go 
totally limp. After a bit the Vet listened for his heart, and said he 
was gone.

We spent another 15 minutes with him. Later the Vet came in and asked 
what we wanted to do with Gio's body. We replied that we already had 
place dug for him in our back yard by our porch and the catnip bush that 
grew nearby. She seemed taken a back that we were doing this for a 
rescue kitty. I believe she got her eyes opened about those that rescue 

We took him home and placed him in the spot we prepared for him.

We have been putting food out of the strays in our neighborhood, getting 
them snipped and returned.

We recently heard a sound while we were eating breakfast coming from our 
back patio. It sounded like two male cats squaring off to fight. When we 
looked it was a single domestic short haired Gray male cat.

We named him Gus as in Grumpy Gus. He was at first a bit shy, but later 
became much easier to handle. We spoke to our rescue group about him, 
offered to foster him, they said they would pay for his testing and 
snipping if we fostered him.

Well the news from the testing was not good, it was the SNAP test and by 
that test he was positive for LeLV. We have him in a separate bedroom 
where he gets his love and food.

I am wondering if any here have any experience with the various immune 
system enhancing drugs/compounds.

I want to boost his immune system so he has a chance to throw off the 
infection prior to his next series of tests. As of right now he has no 
symptoms of any disease.


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