I just felt like telling you folks about something that happened last night 
with our Snowy and Lennie.  Lennie is our 19 year old, who is showing signs of 
not being with us much longer.  He's deaf, frail and weak but still appears to 
enjoy his life.  Snowy is our rescued Persian.  Len has not cared for her much 
since she first came home with us but over the past couple months has agreed to 
accept her.  When we take them outside for fresh air, Snowy will follow Len 
just like a little puppy but if he turns around she kind of stops and puts her 
head down.  They both get a lot of affection from us but you can kind of tell 
that Snowy is a touch jealous.  Well last night we were out on the patio 
enjoying the evening.  Bob was sitting between the two cats taking turns 
kissing them on their heads.  When it was time to come in Lennie was cleaning 
his face and Snowy went over to him and stuck her little face right on his 
forehead.  Len stopped licking his paw, looked at her and continued his 
grooming.  Snowy then just walked by into the house.  To see it you would have 
sworn she went over and kissed him.  You can tell she cares about him, almost 
like she knows he isn't doing that well.  It's stuff like this that makes me 
love cats so much.  

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