I tried amytriptaline (that's probably spelled wrong!) on Ruben for 
inappropriate urination.....I now believe that it was his first signs that 
something was wrong with him internally....
My daughter used the same drug (we had it compounded into a cream we could rub 
into the ear...pilling was out of the question) on one of her male cats...her 
cat became more calm, but I'm not sure it completely solved the problem.
I have heard people are having great results with the plug ins that release 
certain pheremones that are calming, but I haven't tried them yet myself.
Good luck, it's one of a cat owner's biggest problems!!Debbie (COL)"You gotta 
bloom where you're planted!"

Subject: looking for advice re kitty prozacDate: Fri, 20 Jun 2008 16:40:25 
-0500From: [EMAIL PROTECTED]: felvtalk@felineleukemia.org

Dear all
Has anyone ever used a kitty "Prozac" such as fluoxetine? One of my co-workers 
whose cat has always been a sprayer--and she's had him for YEARS, kudos to 
her---was thrilled when 1/2 tab fluoxetine daily fixed the behavior almost 
immediately. Unfortunately he began foaming at the mouth at the same time, so 
she stopped using it after a few days.
Does anyone have any experience in using an alternative "prozac" that worked 
for spraying without causing foaming or other adverse side-effects. She says 
she's going to the vet to ask about a different one after she returns from 
vacation, and I thought I'd try picking your brains before she went. I think 
it's wonderful that--unlike so many people--she's committed to her cat despite 
his spraying.
I have a sprayer too, but he's feral, so there's nothing I can use (he's not 
into any sort of treat on a regular basis, and he turned his nose up at 
Pillpockets) apart from a dividing line between him and the cause of his 
behavior, my other cats. He has his own loyal buddy, a female, Momcat, so he's 
pretty content on the whole, I think.
Anyway, thanks for any other "prozac" ideas!

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